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 Elsevier eBook  Forum Hong Kong :

-         eBooks - Paving the Way to a Better Research Experience and Output

Date: 23 May 2014, Friday

Venue: The University of Hong Kong Libraries (e-Learning Lab)

 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong


Gayle Chan

Head of Collection Development, The University of Hong Kong

As Head of Collection Development at the University of Hong Kong, Gayle leads a team of subject and specialist librarians to develop collections and knowledge services.  With an oversight of an annual materials budget of about US$12 million, her team is responsible in establishing a sustainable strategy that meets collection goals. Gayle chairs a faculty advisory committee that guides the development and funding of electronic resources and also serves in the Libraries Quality Assurance Team and Senior Management Team in the planning and execution of strategic priorities.  She is also a member of the Cambridge Asia Library Advisory Board. Her research interests include topics on scholarly communication and its impact on collection development, materials budget planning, return on investment, open access, usage analytics, collections assessment, knowledge exchange, student learning and collaborative collection development.

Daniel Forsman

Library Director, Chalmers University of Technology

Daniel Forsman is the Library Director at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. He has been involved in academic libraries since 2001 focusing on the development of electronic services including developing responsive user oriented webpages, implementing ILS, discovery and ERM systems. Previously as head of library information resources and discovery he was responsible for the departments handling cataloging, acquisitions, inter-library loan, library systems, social media and web presence. The current focus of Daniels directorship is the transformation of library services and organization, aligning them with modern user behavior and expectations. By implementing agile practices in the organization and focusing on data analyses and services the strategic orientation of library is changing.

Over the years Daniel has presented at several international conferences including ALA, Computers in Libraries, IATUL, ELUNA, IGELU, EndUser. He has served amongst other on the Serials Solutions Library Advisory Board, the National board of the Swedish Library Association, the Association of Swedish Higher Education – Library Director Forum Mutual Services and infrastructure, Libris National system expert group and as Aleph PWG OPAC coordinator.

Steve O’Connor

Director, Information Exponentials

Steve O’Connor has most recently since 2007 been the University Librarian, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He has held a number of equivalent senior posts in Australian tertiary education and, as the Chief Executive Officer of CAVAL Collaborative Solutions Ltd, developed and managed projects and programs to collaboratively serve the library community. Steve has an international reputation.  He has researched, published, presented, consulted and taught extensively in the areas of change, organizational management, information delivery, collection transition, scenario and strategic planning, and the wider library and information environment. Most recently he has taught academic programs in Vietnam and in Thailand while he has also presented workshops in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Imaging your Library’s Future is soon to be published by the National Library of China Press in Chinese.

Currently, Steve is focused on the creation of sustainable business models for the future of libraries as the Principal of Information Exponentials ( www.informationexponentials.com ).  He is also the Editor of Library Management as well as Library Management China.

Brenna Coffey

Senior Product Manager, Elsevier

Brenna is a Senior Product Manager for the Science & Technology books division of Elsevier. She has helped expand the digitization of books on ScienceDirect for the last seven years, and led an initiative to publish books e-first ahead of print. Over time ScienceDirect has grown from a platform of a few thousand books to over 25,000 titles, including a vast selection of newly-revived Legacy titles. Brenna is also one of the Product Managers for Reference Modules on ScienceDirect, a new product which combines thousands of related Elsevier reference work articles into one evolutionary source of trustworthy information now kept current with continuous, time-stamped currency review and article updates made by subject experts. Prior to joining the S&T Books team, Brenna worked in the Journals Operations division of Elsevier where she managed the journal Gynecologic Oncology. Brenna is based in San Diego, California.

Delon Lee

Regional Solution Sales Manager, Research Solution Sales, Elsevier

Delon Lee is the Regional Solution Sales Manager for the Science & Technology books division of Elsevier. He is responsible for developing eBook growth strategies with Academic and Government Libraries in Asia Pacific through creation of unique purchasing models. He created the eBooks Gap Analysis methodology that was piloted in Australia and New Zealand.  This methodology enables librarians better understand the needs and usage patterns of library patrons and as a result enable the librarians to maximize the returns on eBooks investment. This program received many positive feedbacks from the institutions that have implemented this program and gaining traction in libraries in other Asia Pacific regions.

Alistair Morrison

Senior Product Manager, Elsevier

Alistair Morrison is a senior product manager at Elsevier and is responsible for books and reference works on ScienceDirect. He has over twenty years of experience in traditional and online publishing, customer support, sales operations, and product management at Congressional Information Service, LexisNexis, and Elsevier. He holds a Masters of Library Science from the University of Maryland.


On 23 May 2014, Elsevier held its first ever Hong Kong eBook forum at The University of Hong Kong Libraries.  The event brought together librarians from the universities in Hong Kong and Sweden as well as internal Elsevier speakers. The forum was attended by 28 librarians from institutions such as The University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The theme of the forum was “eBooks - Paving the Way to a Better Research Experience and Output” and the event enabled attendees from the various institutions as well as Elsevier staff to get together and discuss issues and challenges facing today’s librarians. Our esteemed speakers from Chalmers University of Technology as well as The University of Hong Kong presented on the impact e-Resources has on their libraries and how it sharing how book usages help shape their collection development strategies.  The librarians also learnt about writing and publishing with Chandos, an imprint of Elsevier which specializes in the areas of Library and Information Science, Knowledge Management and Business Information Trends.


Gayle Chan, head of Collection Development Collection from The University of Hong Kong said “I hope to share another dimension of eBook usage at HKUL and discuss briefly our collection strategies in developing contents which place emphasis on openness and collaboration.  Understanding researchers’ needs and preferences has helped the libraries shape the collections and to provide the appropriate services to integrate contents into their research process and workflows.”


Please find more information about the forum agenda, speakers profile and presentations in following page









Opening Speech


Christopher Yeow, Sales Director, China and Hong Kong, Elsevier

Dr YC Wan, Acting Librarian, The University of Hong Kong



 Elsevier Product and ScienceDirect Updates-what's New in 2014?(click to download)

Brenna Coffey, Senior Product Manager, Elsevier

Alistair Morrison, Senior Product Manager, Elsevier




 eBooks without Border-All about Discoverability and How Elsevier is Committed to Making our Books More Discoverable(click to download)

Alistair Morrison, Senior Product Manager, Elsevier



eBooks Usage-A Different Perspective(click to download)

Evidence Based Model Increases Use and Impact(click to download)

Delon Lee, Regional Solution Sales Manager, Elsevier

Gayle Chan, Head of Collection Development, The University of Hong Kong



Coffee Break



Driving Chang-The Impact of e-Resources on Library Service and Organization(click to download)

Daniel Forsman,  Library Director, Chalmers University of Technology



Chandos Author Presentation-Authors and the Expression of How they See their World(click to download)

Steve O’Connor, Director, Information Exponentials



Q&A and Closing Speech


Leo Ying, General Manager, China and Hong Kong, Elsevier



Digital information is a constantly evolving field and Trends, Discovery, and People in the Digital Age(click to download) summarizes and presents key themes, advances and trends in all aspects of digital information today, exploring the impact of developing technologies on the information world. Important contemporary topics are emphasized, as well as future developments, and an international perspective is taken throughout. This edited volume is based on a dynamic set of contents by leaders in the field, responding to and anticipating what is happening, and what may happen, in the field of digital information. Topics include: the future of digital information provision; Enquire; cloud computing; building an information landscape; e-books and journals in a changing digital landscape; discovering resources; citizens and digital information; data-management; community usage patterns of scientific information; software citations; the future of data curation; JISC; Skills Portal; the future information professional; university library and information services; academic libraries and their future; and impediments to new library futures.

For more information about Elsevier eBook portfolio please contact our Solution Sales Manager

Liu Xiaolin( Ms.)

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